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six names David Star in unique design

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  • six names David Star in unique design
  • six names David Star in unique design
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six names David Star in unique design

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Silver Star of David pendant  engraved with six of the 72 names of God according to the Kabbalistic principles:
 alef lamed daled - samech alef lamed - mem hi shin - shin alef hi - hi hi haiin  - chaf lamed yod

The holy letters "And the god say let it be light…" The world was created in word. Each letter contains a certain amount of energy.

alef lamed daled: save and protect. Protection from the evil eye envy and jealousy.

samech alef lamed: wealth and income, success, wealth, luck and blessings ego care. Economic barriers neutralizer - cancels debt.

mem hi shin:  mind and body medicine. Star of functional impairments and chronic fatigue. Shields from physical illness or mental pain. Encourages cleansing. Borderline personality disorder cures. You can set this to - to ask for healing to another person.

shin alef hi: for  ideal pairing, friendship, union association, approach of others real connections, idealization of things imaginative. Strengthening existing relationships.  Enrichment spiritual growth, business unions and marriage.

hi hi haiin:  strengthens love and relationships, happiness, relief of bitterness and resentment hate and destruction, encourages marriage parenthood and acquiring members.

chaf lamed yod: change the difficulties of spiritual barriers cycle and menopause.  Helps in childbirth, fertility, creativity and implementation plans sexual maturity.

Star of David - symbol composed of two equal triangles superimposed over each other. It's a Jewish symbol as well as national symbol. Star of David was previously a symbol of magical significance. A similar symbol - a five-star edge (not six as a Star - David) was known to the peoples - Pre-Middle East India and Egypt served as a symbol that rejects the eyes - evil. Our sources familiar pentagon icon called Seal of Solomon the fourth century BC found in excavations at - Rachel Ophel excavations in Jerusalem.



Product Features

-       Silver 925

-       Pendant 2cm, chain 50cm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Israel
Workshop Magic Touch jewelry
Material Silver 925
Gender Unisex