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Silver S.A.L סאל" Encircled 12 Angels Pendant"

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Silver S.A.L סאל" Encircled 12 Angels Pendant"

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Silver S.A.L Encircled 12 Angels Pendant



Silver S.A.L Encircled 12 Angels Pendant.

In the Kabbalah is noted that the 72 combination of letters that represent the Names of God have a significant meaning. The combination of three Hebrew letters are not names but instruments of energy they are used for evoking spirituality wisdom and mystical powers all for the purpose of being closer to the creator and the power of the universe. The magical letters radiate energy by releasing positive energies that bring us closer to finding life's joy happiness love and prosperity.

סאל = Samech Alef Lamed represents wealth and income brings good fortune in business & success eliminates economic barriers and cancels debt.

The tradition belief is that Angels were sent by God to our world to teach us the ancient wisdom and way of the Lord. Every angel is carrying the essence of his existence in letters. Every name according to the Kabbalah has a deep meaning.
Uriel – Light of God Raphael – God who Heals Michael – Who is like God Nuriel – Fire of the Lord Gabriel – God is my Strength and so on…

Product Features

-    Silver 925 rings with Gold
-    Brought to you by the Gallery of Ben- Ishai Family.
-    The item contains a certificate of origin.
-    Manufactured in The Holy Land Israel.